Turn. Look my way.

“Oh what an angel!” she exclaims

And how wonderful it is

That our paths have crossed today.

I quickly entice her

With my sweet voice wobbling delicately.

And as I sing to you hollow reverent hymns of old

I impose you to take me away.

“Come with me” she says

When the scales are through

“We have good food to eat

We have fun games to play.”
And how could I possibly turn down

Such a congenial young lady?
She tells me how dedicated she feels

To help a child like me

And how my “lovely” smiles

Reward her for her righteousness.

We return to her home,

A quaint little cottage in the country,

And things were alright

Until she raised her hand

About to strike me that night.

My Vibrantly blue eyes

 Turned murky and black,

And the tempting urge to harm

Increased to nearly ten fold

Bidding me to attack.

She was wrong, I was right

And nothing made itself clearer that night.

I crept through her house,

Knife in hand,

Away to her chambers

Eager to carry out

My unthinkably evil plan.

I watched her sleep for a moment

Then I woke her from a peaceful slumber

To show her how quickly

Her little angel turned into

A monster.

And just before I cut her throat

She said to me

“You’re a dirty rotten fiend Casey!”

With that blood stained her pure white nightgown

And her glassy lifeless eyes stared up at me

I smiled and shook my head thinking

“How unfortunate it was for you

That our paths were to cross in the market today.”


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