Moonshine 02/10/2010

Sat, 09/27/2014 - 00:08 -- Luvsic



Oh my beloved moonshine.
I will remember thee by thou
brightness of our night.
How lovely it is to walk underneath
thy glow,
Passing through trees and forest,
But yet knowing where to go.
Walking along the sea;
The sand between my toes.
Then to sit at the dock to
look at the sky
see thy stars that
any man would use as excuse to wish upon.
One wish?
I will confess my wish to thee.
I wish for your luminous light;
Where never-ending dreams start
and a trickle of happiness is set.
My wish is an ambition,
My dream is a desire.
But thy light is a passion.
Well, thy make me think of my dream back again.
Oh moonshine, how I love thee.
Thou make my heart jump with excitement.
Of a crazy dream, I'll tell thee.
Where two lovers came into a scenario of love and he doing the best to woe her.
Or maybe the dream to walk on Earth and looking for freedom in our soul.
Or maybe the dream of flying is crazy enough.
Oh, shine the light of your moon,
I don't want to leave this envision soon.
Thou might want to come with me.
I think I'm going insane and
I won't get lost on my way back home.



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