Morality Dreams

Tue, 12/06/2016 - 17:11 -- ikmccoy

A strong, shimmering light with a bit of darkness

appears through the slit opening of the door. 

A knot builds up through my stomach; curious

about whats on the other side. Will I stay outside

or will I talk the risk of going inside? Voices suddenly

flow in the air as they vibrate in my head like a

constant alarm. The voices grow louder and 



Something's telling me just not to go

through that door. My fingers begin to tremble as I

touch the door knob and slowly tiptoe inside. There

aren't any car's parked outside and all the lights are

off inside except for the shade of light in the back of 

the room that grasped my full attention.

The closer I walked to the light the darkness faded

away, while the light grew brighter. Brighter. Brighter


"I told you not to go." someone whispers. The light then

grew much more brighter that my eyes screeched up. 

The heat rushed up my legs and slowly creep

up my neck like a snake. 


I screamed and ached in pain as the extreme feeling of guilt built inside. 

My body began to shake continiously as tears flushed my eyes and I 

prayed for the pain to die away quickly.


Watching everything turn into ashes, the pain

slowly died down as cold air released itself 

throughout the room. A different room. 

My body lied on the floor next to my queen size

bed. "See why I told you not to go." The voice 



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