More Than Music

They tell me that musics nothing more then a hot beat

Well, hold on, let me put you in the hot seat

I got some questions that I gotta ask, B

Like, if it's the beat, then why you gotta trash me?

Or, since when does GOD not belong in Hip-Hop

If thats the case, then Lupe should stop

I mean, what's the difference between him and I?

Is his god not as controversial as mine?

Cause his is accepted and mine stays neglected

His music is effective, while mines disrespected

I don't get it, all I want to do is praise YHWH

The game says you'll kill if you do it our way

But, I'm not going to sell my soul for some cream

I'm cool with my God, a dollar, and a dream

I pray that my musics heard by those who will use it

I pray it changes lives, cause my stuff is more then music


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