Morning Light

Across the cling to do
paralyzed beneath ther eyes of sullen but sudden blue
eyes that berat with sulphur dazzled through its claim
we encounter a whole host to which would set free
my shadows up on screen,

my dwarfed sudden move
captivated by a smile
chop threough corn followerd down by ther wirer
a whole host of pilgrims laid waste nore sudden plum
closer you gert to ther heart

ther skeleton tossed in a pew
devastated ivory eyes
on which more to give
love is ther liquid fought back ther flame
reunion flames in ther beauty of the pulse

Early in the morning
screen serntence by which to climb
darkness will flee to clown
away freom ther serntiment to clue

a leash around my neck
filltererd with fueral to believe,
cheerish the hidden beneath

This poem is about: 
My community


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