I never know why am I here
Cause for everything I say go
My problems were little high
And my solutions were little low

My loose confidence
And the buffering in audience
But when i look your face
Im able to win the race
I dont know why is this so
But with you my situations are easier to go

You taught to close my eyes
And than my fear flies
When ever i feel bore
You were there for me to make my thinking soar
For your not just my mom
But a little more

You knew i can do it
You found my quality and grew it
You taught me its not the world to beat
I learned from you not to quit
You opened my life's door
For your not just my mom
But a little more

When i grab your hand
Im able to stand
You are a precious stone from the sand
And a fire in an ice land
And a diamond from an ore
For you are not just my mom
But a little more
And we are made for each other
My mother

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