Mother Goddess


They say witches burn in fire,

arms twisted behind back with iron shackles

and fire licked at beaten - blood - bruised - bared flesh


Others say they drown in water,

wrists and ankles bound in roughen rope

and water filling the throat 


But a witch, no, that is not my secret behind the Mask of Three

I follow, I hope, I think,

The unknown path of the Mother Goddess.


Not in way of magic or magick

Nor that of prayer or sacrifice or asking

No, through none of that do I follow the unknown path of the Mother Goddess.


I watch. I listen. I learn.

I seek nor wish nothing,

only the thought of safety after death takes me


That is who I am; behind this fiery curtain of life

One who wants nothing of life,

But the knowledge that safety lays in death


And in that path, I did find,

the Mother Goddess to take me in,

when that of Man and God did fail me 


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