They've got me plugged into the motherboard

and my wires are tangled like a telephone cord.


As my lungs filter in this synthetic air

I settle placidly into a glossed-over stare.

But before the paralysis seizes my mind

I take a fast look at the rest of my kind.

Jaws slack, faces sullen: the look of defeat.

I tense up my muscles and rise to my feet.

I pull out the plugs buried deep in my skin,

releasing the words they had been holding in.


They had me chained up to the motherboard.

Now that I am free, I will not be ignored.


My synapses fired at a single request.

A lyrical jolt might awaken the rest.

I wrote lengthy pleas on the palms of their hands.

But it had no affect. They would not take a stand.

I realized this electrical shock was for not.

My mind had created the rest of the plot.

I refilled the outlets, with pain as my guide.

The only way out is to go back inside.


We will forever be linked to the motherboard,

condemned to the sockets we've long since abhorred.


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