"A Mother's Love"


United States

Dear Mom,

You were there at my first cry, as you held me close to your heart.

We had an unbreakable connection right from the start.

You were there when I crawled for the first time.

Oh the joy that was on your face.

You made sure to follow close behind to make sure that I was safe.

You were there at my first step, and it looked as if you were going to cry.

Because watching your little baby take their first step is like watching a baby bird learn to fly.

You were there at my first day of school as you wiped the tears from my face.

You told me that all the big kids go to school as you signaled me to go play.

You were there at my graduation, feeling as if your job was almost done.

Because now you knew that your nest would be a little more lonely minus one.

You were there to drop me off at college, as you helped me to unpack the car.

You called me on the phone every day even though I wasn't very far.

You looked at my old pictures and wondered where did the time go?

You wished that it could all start over and go a little more slow.

You were God's gift to me, as I was his to you

Although I'm almost all grown up, your job isn't through.

I don't need to have one day out of the year to tell you how much you mean to me, I can tell you everyday.

Because having a mother like you is enough to brighten anybody's day.



Yours Truly, 

 LaDasia Smith

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My family
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