To The Mountain Peak

Sun, 09/07/2014 - 20:45 -- sixteen

As we travel up the steep mountain,

There are trials and tribulations we face

That we overcome and proceed on

With the help of the Lord.


We are on a mission in search of glory

In which reliance in ourselves and each other

Is needed day by day, from nightfall to dawn.


There may be storms that come our way

that we must keep pushing and pulling through and through.

No matter how heavy the rain pours,

How keen are the strikes of lightening,

Or how loud the thunder roars.


There may be stones and rocks

That we may slip over

But we have to hold on to our brother's or sister's hand

And pull each other up,

And continue to carry on with faith, trust, and love

On a mission many say is impossible

But God says otherwise.


We may have our troubles and differences

Along the way with one another

Where we may get tired of each other.

We may be provoked by the adversity

We face when climbing up,

Which gives us the feeling of wanting

To give up on faith, each other, and ourselves.


We should always remember never

To give up on faith.

Through prayer, fortitude, and determination,

we can keep climbing to the mountain peak,

No matter how steep it is

Or how long it would take.

We must have the integrity to

Persevere through all obstacles

That come towards us.


When we finally reach the top

And claim the glory, we must acknowledge

The Lord and give it all to Him,

Who guided and kept us through the long journey

In order to recieve everlasting fortune.


We must never forget the long

And challenging mission we completed

Where learning, faith, reliance,

And love were our virtues

To the peak of the mountain.



















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