The Mummy, Horrifying Frightmare

Sun, 10/19/2014 - 22:28 -- ecimase


This is the day

This is the night


Have you seen

That old Mummy movie

When it first came to


Well, I indeed did

At the very tender age

Of only six years old


That very night

My eyes shut tightly

Was a horrifying



The first I ever had

My first fright


To the mummy

Minus the bandages

And the scarabs

Those flesh-eating scarabs


Running from no one

Running from everyone

Yet, frozen in place


As the time passes

Maybe, just maybe

This lingering fear will subside


Yet, when I think

Of this movie

Both younger and older


A shiver runs down my spine

As the sand enveloped me

Constricting me


Wishing for the pain to end

Darkness creeps up

Like a cat in the dark


No one can help me

Against this powerful

Unbandaged, Mummy


My eyes open wide

In fear, blinding

Wondering when


This fear will subside

Each night since

I cower in fear


From the darkness

From the pain, death

From the Mummy


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