The Music Girl

The sweet chords of a song ring out

Their sounds are entwined in an intricate dance

The girl's body relaxes with an exhale

Her eyes open wide, completely entranced


A soft smile lifts the corners of her mouth

The music pulls her face up towards the sky

A strange beauty encases her body

She has no more earthly ties


As a drum begins to thump, the girl arms sway

Her feet shuffle across the earth, making their mark

Her grin becomes a bright beam of sunshine

Her eyes crinkle at the corners and she is free as a lark


There are no words to describe the girl's movements

It is as if she has become the sound

Her limbs flow like water from one place to another

She spins with grace all about


Her soft pink lips mouth the lyrics of the song

I no longer believe she is part of this world

The girl is one with the bass thrumming beneath the guitar

Her arms fly up, her fingers unfurled


When the song draws to a close, the girl lets go

Her eyes meet mine, filled with a thousand galaxies

I knew then, that she was not human

She was a girl made of music



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