The Musical Water Globe with Mythical Butterfly Creatures


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Given with much love by my Math & Science 5th Grade Teacher

This musical water globe with pink mythical butterfly creatures

Water flowing with millions of tiny glittery pieces

I suddenly imagine miniature pixey releases

There are dazzling princesses and fairies inside

But they are trapped with illusions, traditions, and pride


After all, I was given this gift for my quinceañera birthday

Did I truly deserve it and was I really worthy?

It marked the tradition of my becoming a young lady

But to me, it all seemed a little bit shady

Did fifteen years old change my behavior?

Or was it merely a time to rejoice and remember our savior?


My mother mentioned we had to thank the angels from up above

Because she and my little sister were given a second chance at love

They were both close to death in 2013

Daniela as a 2 pound preemie was given tons of caffeine

Ironically I turn the silver and cold winding key

On the bottom of the water globe that is like the sea


And I hear the Beautiful “Flower Song” that Gustave Lang created

So I have a flashback to 5th grade to when I was being educated

Mrs. Zamora was interesting, fun, and creative

She used music, games, and was extremely motivated

But it saddens me when I see this gift

Made by Things Remembered to me it represents a shift


A few months ago Mrs. Zamora lost her husband to liver sclerosis

The doctors gave them a terrible prognosis

I attended the gloomy funeral that day

It was like the water globe’s glitter flowing away

We may never know why life is austere at times

Filled with disenchantments, deaths, and crimes


But as the butterfly rotates inside its world

We too must survive many of life’s swirls

Let’s focus on the lovely colors and fascinating music that exists

Similar to the musical water globe that is like a heavenly bliss

Because our lives are worth living

Loving, Caring, Contributing, and Forgiving

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My family
My community
Our world
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