A Mutual Understanding

You know what?

Pink is right!

I am wonderful

One of your best


If only if because of my use as practice material


For more,

I was serious

I cared a lot

While you were less so

I am on a path to success

I am going to do something I love

I am strong

I am powerful

I want you

But I don’t need you

And I’ve known that

But it’s nice to have the reminder

That I don’t need you to be complete

To be my best or fullest

Thank you for the lessons

I am better because of them


As Pink reminded me,

I don’t need you in my next semester to do well

Yeah, I want you

I want to erase yesterday

I need something more than you’re willing to offer

I guess

Maybe I need the you that you’ll be with more maturity

I don’t know

But I guess yesterday just goes to show me

That something was missing

I deserve your trust

I deserve for you to let me know the real reason

You broke it off

Or if you didn’t lie

Which I kind of doubt

You should have been more complete in your why

It hurts

No doubt of that

But I’ll be fine

I’ll be good

Positively fantastic

Maybe you were only in my life to be my teacher

And I only in your’s for the same reason

Maybe the spark faded for you

And that is okay

But I deserve your honesty

Not lies

Nor omissions

Thank you

Now goodbye

You know why?

Because I am awesome

And I am good

I deserve to be someone’s priority

Not someone’s flexible option

I deserve someone who is willing to care

To fight

To be as patient when sailing is choppy

As I am

You are right

I do deserve more

And you are capable of giving it

But you are not willing

To put forth the effort

And that makes all the difference

If you ask for me back tomorrow or next week

I’d say no

Because I deserve more than you are capable or willing

To give

Maybe I’d date the you you become in a year

But I want

I need

More than the you

You proved yesterday

And last week

I don’t deserve


Maybe I am not what you need

But I don’t feel like giving much more of a hoot

Over you



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