My 365 Day Evolvement

Last year today, I was a different person.

My hair was black,

My body was fat,

 And I didn’t like to chat.


My life was a mess,

My attitude wasn’t the best,

And above all the dark,

My heart was the darkest.


My temper was crazy,

My body was lazy,

And my pictures were not hearts and daisies.


I was depressed and odd,

My two friends were a blade and pornography,

My mind was a twisted rod,

And I didn’t have much of an autobiography.


But I’m different…


I read and I write,

My intentions are to fight,

My love is light,

And my heart is right.



I have a God, who teaches me,

He loves me unconditionally,

He teaches me humility,

And lets me know why my name is Trinity.


I strive for excellence,

Depression for me is past tense,

My eyes see clearly of the love in front of me,

Words don’t express the joy I have mentally.


And today I am a different person,

My hair is red,

My body is shrinking,

And I like to speak.


I believe far more than what I believed before,

I know far more than what I knew before,

I have seen truth and furthermore,

The things I will learn is infinite.


Last year today I was different,

I elvolved in 365 ways,

And in 365 days.


Last year today I was different.

Tomorrow tells another story. 


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