My Dad Is A Gun




My Dad Is A Gun


No one wants to touch him

Afraid he will go off at any time

He sits quietly and passively until his trigger is pulled


When he goes off it hurts a lot

Emotionally and physically

What he does when he goes off, you can’t take back

His words penetrate beyond the top layer

His actions make blood

Forgiveness is not an option

He is a gun

To other people he is a shiny, beautiful gun with the safety lock on

A gun that they envy and want to have

To other people this gun is warm, graceful and empathic

To other people he doesn’t dare show his loaded ammo waiting to be fired

To other people he is a gun without bullets

He is a gun

To us he is a gun with no safety lock that tends to be moody

To us he talks of no emotions, but slowly turns the revolver using his ammo little by little

but it hurts the same

To us he knows how to aim accurately and attack with an annihilating vengeance,

so we don’t dare pull his trigger

To us he has an unlimited supply of bullets

My Dad Is A Gun


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