My Dreams

As a new cycle begins I found him in a new light,

speaking of a past love he would replace me with.

And so I sat poolside as a beautiful girl I'd always wondered about surfaces,

her hair was gone but her scalp shimmered.

I kissed a boy I never wanted to kiss because I thought it would make me feel better,

I don't think it did because I was trying to hard.

It was a dark ice cold winter when I found you.

You were outside my house, there was snow on the ground.

You kissed me for the first time since you kissed me goodbye,

and then the ice turned to ocean,

once again it was spring and you were in my arms,

and we were in the warm snow.

Half her face was blue, the other yellow,

and when she asked me to merge faces with her I turned green.

But I felt beautiful.

As I popped another girls bubble with my tongue,

breaking the space between us.

And on that escalator ride as we descended from the group,

and entered a sea of strangers,

you did the one thing that is even more than sex.

You held my hand in the public eye of the impressionable world,

then kissed me against my locker.

This is why I'm afraid of airplanes now.


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