My dreams

Wed, 08/27/2014 - 22:02 -- Soulae
Bigger than my eyes can see,
When I open wide,
My heart comes out before my eyes,
Pumping louder than my bursts of expression,
Expressing how passionate I am,
I love to do this,
My dreams?
 Well, you probably wouldn't believe em'
even if they were written in the palms of my hands,
With a pen marked in my skin,
Bleeding bloody passion,
Dripping of hope of what I want to accomplish,
You'd probably laugh,
Tell me to be realistic,
Cut all those pipe dreams,
And stop believing in something that's never gon happen,
But you got it wrong,
My dreams are not what I see,
But it's what's been planted in my heart for so long,
They grew inside my stomach, 
made me fat, ready to explode,
To spit em up so you can see my investment,
I'm ready to load,
Ready to be bold,
Ready to show what I kept a secret,
To the world to know,
My dreams are bigger then me,
Bigger than you,
They live outside of my thoughts,
So they can inspire my heart,
To chase them and never give up,
 I got big dreams,
Too detailing to explain em,
But trust me you'll see them come to reality,
Just watch.


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