My Facade

Thu, 08/07/2014 - 21:10 -- AMWard.

The curtain is so thick  I am not sure I can see past it.

I believe the falsities I reveal to other people.

The weakness, the worry, the fear must be kept hidden from all.

Myself included. What would the world do if they saw the truth?

The curtain's safety, a shield, my only defense from the world.

No one is allowed to look past the curtain, not even me.

I assure myself that I am strong, worriless, and fearless

Sometimes the curtain is not thick enough; someone sees the truth.

 They remind me my facade is not an actuality.

Real or not the curtain must be kept closed 'til the time comes.



Written by an aspiring writer.


Written by an aspiring writer.

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