My Faith

It is okay to stray and to wander.

This path will not always be guided by light,

but it will live.

It survives on love and the feeling there is something larger than myself.

My soul has been speaking.


Pleading for faith,

for eternal life and understanding of my origins.

We were born to wonder

to come back to the love we were born with.

Few people know that it has never left us.

Waiting like a pet for their owner, their companion, the truest love they have ever known to come home.

We don’t always notice it because this is a part we avoid.

It may carry a lot of emotions and hurtful pasts

Underneath the pain, awaits healing and what I have always longed for

Happiness. The kind that feels authentic and raw.

No pretending and no forcing.

I am at peace and I am set free.

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