>>>My Fiery ANGER<<<

My Fiery Anger
Fear it, for it burns
Dread it, until it returns
Like a heated furnace it melts a frozen iron
Shatters any victim, piercing than a sharpen fierce thorn
Inextinguishable remains its enraged fiery fume
Why palliate it with watery words of “I’m sorry” from a flume
Boom! An Oven needs much heat to counter my sunny Anger
That curmudgeon ravages, in its core lies a blazing danger
Vexed to the apex, still my wrath is meliorated
A misanthropic menace with zest aflame cannot be mitigated
Corpulent; overfed with all cloying meals of raged fury
My indignant oomph-filled ire is coruscated by glorious flames so angry
Corroborated by my pride, exhorted by my intellect, it is perennial
Juddering even my intestines, shuddering my very kidneys, I’m a slave to this ablaze irate-Marshal
Its fiery sharpened infuriated edges, like burning sickle, whittle every euphoria
This transcendental Anger whiffs hot annoyed air, whizzing through my nostrils, whirling everywhere
Like a scorching incensed Wight, an incinerator, usurping my soul every visiting time
I become its cold valet, terrified by this fiend wived to me; my burning peevish Anger is sublime
I dread its furious fiery zounds! It burns even me every time!

©SirKel, Poem 100.
Precious Poetry™

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