My Impact to the World


My occupation may not only change my life

Is my field of study really worth the price?

It can not only affect my life but so many more

It can potentially change a circumstance I’ve already endured.

Are people ready for the change?

To not only ensure their safety but also for their personal gain.

Justice should be served; it is something that is well deserved

But lately has been preserved, only for the history books.


Some people do not realize the time it took for our legal system to get where it is today

The methods and laws change consistently and are never here to stay.

But I intended to make a change

Studying for my masters in college

learning the ways of the legal system to gain knowledge

Unlike most people I am not in it for the cash

I want to make sure violent crimes is a thing of the past

I want to ensure fairness to all citizens and to make peace last.


Criminal Justice is a risky field to study

But I want to make a change

My field of study is worth the price

And it can benefit someone else’s life

All while filling mines with joy

All while ensuring the safety of each girl and boy.


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