My independent declaration of life! (Poem)


By Stanley Collymore


I’m not obsessed with life as the vast majority of you out there

evidently are and therefore I enjoy my life to the fullest and

have always done so, reinforced by the fact that I don’t

fear anyone or anything, come to that, and that most

definitely includes death. So given the choice of

dying or forced to stay alive in this world I’m

living in and itself run by cunts like Donald

Trump and his Yid Nazi-Zionist ilk, it’s

basically a no-brainer of a decision for

me which of the two, in that given

situation, I’d immediate prefer.


So they can all blow this entire Planet Earth up for all I

care, since as the practising Christian that I am and

have always been, I firmly and unconditionally

believe in an after-life attended by a much

better existence because of the life I’ve

lived here on earth so far, coupled with the one that

I presently enjoy; and which to-date isn’t all that

bad, I can assure you. So please, go ahead and

ridiculously press the Rogue State USA and

dual NATO nuclear buttons Donald Trump

together with other others of your kind,

and in your predominantly narcissistic,

 self-opinionated, methodically dim-

witted Reality TV minds and alike

delusional manner, gratuitously

instigate and stupidly create

your farcically posturing,

profoundly insane and

clearly irreversibly

nuclear winter!


© Stanley V. Collymore

19 August 2017.



Author’s Remarks:

A global nuclear war instigated by Rogue State USA is neither Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Operation Gladio nor the numerous other illegal and barbaric escapades that this bullying and reprehensible entity has been involved in from its very inception and that since the end of World War Two has resulted in the gratuitous mass murder of in excess of 50 million people worldwide.


Rogue State USA, its toadying and arse-licking sycophants like Britain and the others of its ilk in the terrorist organization NATO must be challenged and brought to heel, and not least so because of the massive and invariably irreparable damage they’ve done in a diversity of ways to the rest of humanity and still carry on doing. And that involves constructive global unity between the decent and legitimate nations on this planet earth grasping the nettle and doing something about these intolerable travesties being perpetrated against ordinary and innocent persons, in their millions, globally.


And self-reliance is the key to achieving your objectives, since the likes of Russia, and China that like to pretend they’re the friends of those in the Global South evidently aren’t; and in my opinion are no fucking different from Rogue State USA and NATO. And are essentially no more than wannabe entities themselves that want to be part of the same white, western and discernibly barbaric and exploitative world that Rogue State USA currently and with the assistance of its white western lackeys and largely but not exclusively so Middle Eastern, Arab Useful Idiots control. And if Rogue State USA that hogs all of this were to open its arms to Russia and China these two mother-fucking hypocrites would jump at the chance to be a part of this Cabal of the ongoing murderous and exploitative practices directed against the Global South.