My Internal Safe Haven

Thu, 07/21/2016 - 17:09 -- joshihd

The one place I cannot be judged.

The only time my emotions feel in touch.

Poetry stands by me when I choose not to communicate much.

Life is difficult. Life is dark.

I am never quite able to make my mark.

No friends or family can understand my sorrow.

Happiness is just a facade I borrow.

But when my thoughts began to swirl,

and my imagination forms words,

I cannot help but rhyme

to pass by my alone time.

When I write it brings me joy.

What others do not see becomes apparent to me.

I see a light deep in my conscience.

My intellect yearning to pursue my passion.

Or sometimes I even choose to fantasize,

explore a world I do not need to abide by.

I walk on rivers and slide down rainbows.

Poetry exposes the light as well as the dark,

two things that feel so apart.

When I return back to reality

I've already discovered my true path.

And that makes me bold, confident, and strong.

I can only hope no one does me wrong.



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