My Journey, With You

Tue, 09/30/2014 - 14:11 -- ecimase

Everyday, I wake and wander   

Wondering what the world will behold

Dreading things get torn asunder

Always, with you, closely held


Learning from mistakes      

An integral part of our lives

Only in honest humility

Can our passion survive


What can we do?      

If we’re too ignorant to see

To know what is true

Or ever to be happy


What I do know,

Is that with you,

My curiosity shows

I could never lose


We all look for answers

We two are no exception

Understanding these, however

Takes great intuition


Together, though we

Can do anything

In this, our journey

With all that we bring


Together, we continue

On this, our journey

With a love so true

For all that we see


We quest for knowledge

To understand these questions

Of our own heritage

And an inner reflection


What could I do?

Without your opinion

What could I do?

Without my companion


We all have desires

Of that, there’s no doubt

We can all be liars

With malice or without


With you, my spirit rises

There will be problems

All these hidden surprises

I am fine with that


All in all, I can’t help it

I’ll see this journey through

All I can really tell

Is that I’ll always follow you


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