My Letter To You


Keep on provoking me and string me along

Your faint whispers in my ears are my favorite song

Hold onto me tightly and hold me near

Tell me your words that are for me only to hear


They say that love is a tedious thing

Like flowers that bloom, just before spring

Tell me again, that you’ll never let me go

I want to be with you when I see my final snow


I remember that day, so crystal clear

Leaves starting to fall, autumn so near

My bloodshot eyes, tears running down my cheeks

I had been keeping this secret now for over three weeks


The doctors had found a problem a little too late

And the first thing I thought of was our very first date

Telling you that secret was my biggest fear

Wondering what would happen, my time was near


I saw it in your eyes, for you were afraid too

I thought you would leave me and find someone new

Instead you grabbed onto my hand, and kissed me hard

So we set up our very last picnic, right in your backyard.


The seasons soon began to change, and so did I

I knew that soon it would be to more than to my hair, I say goodbye

Then the winter came, and I thought it would be my last

You loved me every day, time went by so fast


As the days go by, I get more fragile and weak

But it has always been your constant love that kept me from my peak

We would lie in the back of your truck

And play card games with our insults simply being “you suck!”


Then the spring hit, and like flowers we began to blossom

I no longer felt like “the sick girl” and it was awesome

Everything you did for me I could not forget

And every night I would pray to god, “please, not yet”


But I think my time is drawing near

And I know now that you and I both share the same fear

You loved me through thick and thin

And when it came to our card games, you would always let me win


You taught me a lesson I could never forget

But I think now, I am all set

There is nothing fun about being weak

But you loved me hard, and I’m sorry I can no longer speak


The days when I would not get out of bed

You brought out the home videos and caressed my head.

On the nights I felt so incredibly small

You read me your favorite book, 209 pages and all


So now I lay here too weak to say

That your endless love kept me going, day by day

You stayed with me, even though I was ill

And for that I love you still. 


I will remember the way you looked at me

And the sand you brought to the hospital, to remind me of the sea.

Please remember that it’s not your fault

And how much I loved the smell of the fresh sea salt


You still have your whole life to live

And you have given me all you could give

But you are still young and have so many years yet to come

Who would have thought at 19, the world would look so glum


I hope you can have that family we always talked about

For your amazing heart, no woman could doubt

So hold me in your arms one last time

On some days the lyrics may not seem to rhyme


You are the love of my life, forever and always

Please remember the day we first met in the high school hallways 

Whisper in my ear, just don’t say goodbye

I know how hard it is, just please try not to cry


Cancer was never something I planned for

But neither was your love, which was a gift and more

My hands are still shaking; I’m trying not to cry

But I can’t help but feel sorry; you had to watch me die


I’ve seen all I needed, and now I must go

Your love was what kept me going, I thought you should know

You have made my life something so beautiful

And I will admit, you made me feel equal


So please, do not look at this as the end

You should just know, you are my best friend

Please come to my funeral, and say your final goodbye

I know there are so many unanswered questions, but I don’t know why


Death can also be a beautiful thing

Almost as beautiful as you, me and my last spring

Your loving words I will always remember

Keep me in your heart, I’ll stay there forever.



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