My Life, My Choice, My Struggle, My Success


In life, we are all given a path, a choice to succeed or fail
Some people know from an early age what their dream is and how to obtain it: success after success.
Sure, it looks as if it comes easy to those individuals who pour their blood, sweat, and tears into their life's dream.
If you were to ask them, the majority would say it takes hard work and dedication to obtain that dream.

Not everyone's path is so straight.
Some of us have a vague idea the path we were given and how to get there.
Others of us take detour after detour. 
Failure after failure.
Struggle after struggle.
Set back after set back.

Even after all of the set backs I've been through, I know success is coming.
With much determination, school is on the horizon, yet again for me.
Teaching is my passion.
My dream is to teach others about their passion, from a collegiate setting. Maybe even help those that are questioning their passion.
I know my journey is long and right now there is no light at the end of the tunnel of more than a decade of schooling left, however, that will not deter me once again.

Some choose to go to a university straight from high school.
I was in college in high school.
Some choose to stay close to family for support, financially and emotionally.
I moved across the country and started to work full time.
Some choose their major and stick with it from the beginning.
I've gone through English, nutrition, and communications, to come to psychology as my undergrad major.
Some choose not to stick it out for their PhD or higher degree because they're burned out by 25.
I've taken a break after being burned out and am ready to strive for my PhD.

When I finally obtain that degree, I will have the life experience to back up my education.
I've always dreamed about being a professor, just have never known in what.
That's still the question.
Most have a clear dream job.
Me, well I've had a career goal, the end is still blurry.
The details, still missing.
I know with hard work, dedication, passion, and some long nights ahead of me, that vision will become more clear.


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