My Life In Wrecks

Thu, 05/02/2013 - 11:36 -- IndyaS


United States
35° 44' 53.6748" N, 78° 33' 17.0208" W

I put a pencil or pen to paper
All because I have to let mky emotions vapor
They can not be released into the atomsphere
Or maybe it is me the one that fear
Fear of what the outcome maybe
Fear of what consequences we'll see
But I never let my emotions out in public
Not the true one s anyway
Unless you are close to me
I usually say
But that is not many
At least to me
Because you see
I can not let you see me
As I am to the we
Or them
Or they
You see
A guard is put up now
Because I am tied of everything
Being called names behind my back
Having rumors start
Out of no where, like that
Not having a sense to dare
Getting my senteces cut off
Just so you can tell off
What is on you rmind
Like mine
Seeing how you are "old"
Makes it right I suppose
I am just done living life this way
Leave me alone
I can not stay
I need to be on my own
In my own way

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