My Midnight Pleasantry

When it comes to inspiration I'm moved by the things that can move my inner being. Like music inspires me and well dancing inspires me too.

I'm also a bit of a nerd so I'm inspired with everything nerds do.

But recently the tellings of my dreams has connected me to someone new.

So what I'm saying is a lot of my inspriations right now lies within you.

Yeah, even though we talk around the midnight hour that lead us right into the new day.

Sometimes I wish I can just have a little bit more of your time so that you can stay.

That's my inspiration really.

The little things in this instantaneous time where people don't listen to reason just like to hear rhymes,

so mines

is creating a reality of my own with people around me that makes me want to achieve and the mellifluous ideas abound that makes me want to believe in me.


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