My Mind


My Mind.....

My mind is simply a tool of expression

A tool that can not be manufactured or artificially made

A tool that is similar to everyone elses but different in its abilities

My  mind is the best gift that I have to offer to the world.

It tells me what to do and what not to do

It tells me to love, to cherish, and to hold

to love without boundaries. 

It tells me to read, to explore, to attain new knowledege.

It allows me to hold memories and freeze frame images closer to my heart to 

never be forgotten.

My mind is so powerful and reluctant to not let me be myself.

The center of my emotions and the pits of my soul.

The arches of my smile and the curves of my frame

My mind is innovation at its finest


What is your mind?

The answer is simply whatever you want it to be



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