From My Naked Eye


I don’t hide under a mask of makeup
I don’t speak daggers to others
I don’t care for violence
That is what I look like.
My words are true
My voice is nice

Everything I say is sugar and spice

That is what I sound like.
I don’t need help,
With the face I have.
I don’t need to change
My words.
I don’t lie
To make friends
I am a girl,
Short and loud.
I am a girl,
Who tells you what’s what.
I am a girl,
A friendly girl.
I am no different
From my pictures.
I am no different
From my words.
A camera does not hide my face
A phone does not change my voice
I am who I am,
And I am who I was,
And I am who I always will be.
I am one with nature,
I am one with the sky,
I am one with the ocean,
I am one with myself.
My eyes share with others
A thing I hold dear
My hair shows my vibrant self
My smile holds genuine words
You can clearly see
Without a filter
You hear what I say
Then the wind carries my words away
To the place where I am
No filter can hide me
Can… it… hide… you?


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