My One, True Love

Fri, 10/17/2014 - 16:24 -- ecimase


I stand here, baffled

By the girl in my sight

Her briliant smile, bashful

Shines with a startling light


With an intelligent gaze

Eyes that melt my heart

Can never help but stare

But hey, it is a start


Elegant, yet also clumsy

So cute and serious when working

Beautiful, feminine, lovely

So selfless and accepting


Always so full of passion

When writing your poetry

My welcoming arms, open wide

Please, don't flee from me


The pain that I feel

As tears flow down your cheeks

Feelings I know are real

Of such a girl, so meek


Few words can describe you

And your amazing self

I think of a great few

Just too many to tell


I could never imagine

This school, or anywhere

Without the company of you

Always there, here to listen


No one or no thing

Could fill the empty void

Of my soul, of my spirit

For you are the only one


Who ever has, or will

Made me feel this way

I give thanks to the Lord

That we can be here, like this


Ever keeping me fed

Such a wonderful, kind soul

In these thoughts, my head

Of the sweetest person I've known


Those cute, large glasses

Hiding such beautiful,

Chocolate colored eyes

I have but one request


That you punish me

My most wonderful mistress

For all of them to see

That one, most perfect kiss


You are the sweetest

The one, in my opinion

To me, you are the best

Everyday, just hoping


That you would be mine

But it may never be

Still, it would be fine

As long as you are happy



Beautiful words and message. In my opinion you are on a good way to become a really good poet, who moves the hearts of many poetry-lovers. I think you shoule work  little bit on rhymes, this is something you could improve. I will be waiting for more of your works.


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