To My Past Self

Oh, dear girl

How you will grow up into a strong woman

Who doesn’t know the definition of the word “fake”

You grew a bit too fast

But you will not regret not one mistake you make


You’re going to cry

Silent and suffocating tears

You’ll feel pain that has been felt for millions upon millions of years



But your tears are bricks

And they will build a house that no one can ever buy


People will play with you like a doll

You’ll wonder why you have a heart or mind at all

But from trying to take you away

You’ll find every reason there is to stay

They’ll yell at you

Call you horrible things

It scares you now

But when you get to my age

You’ll be honored


Your breast will swell with pride

That they can’t chip away at who you are

They can’t mold you into what they desire

Because who can touch fire?

Dear girl, life is your favorite white car

It’s yours and yours only to ride

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