My Peers

It seems my peers are blinded,

Social media has them in a chokehold,

Thought process being diminshed,

Rather than read something clever they rather find a clever quote for an Instagram upload.

My twerk and fight videos,

Thinking it is entertainment,

Instead of educating their minds they rather read about people that are famous.

My peers...think they know everything,

Ignore advice and let it out the other ear,

But breakdown in the real world because life is hard and there is much that they fear.

They fear walking alone in the dark,

They fear listening to those experienced in life,

They fear working because they prefer everything be given to them.

It all annoys me beyond belief,

The lack of humbleness,

The lack of self-progression,

The lack of strive.

Perhaps I am old school,

Perhaps I have an old soul,

Perhaps I think too much,

Perhaps my peers do not understand.

My generation,

My peers,

My nuisances.



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