My poems and me

Poetic Approach
I write for so many reasons there's no sense in naming just one
i tell a number of different stories that can be read by anyone
My poems come to me like a fruit grows on a tree
like a broken dam with rushing water those ideas are free
it is a chore that i must complete
it's a rash that i scratch constantly
but when my pen meets paper is when i can apply the soothing cream
soon after that, i can breathe
like a paper merely blowing with the breeze
how my poems come to me

my nerves and dynamite and i'm about to explode
so-quick i grab a pen and paper and the stanzas start to unfold
when smokes clear, i'm under control
and i look down to read rhyming lines below

i'm the doctor the people i see the patient
and when i feel it's needed i schedule the doctor's appointment
their sickness nothing more than a situation
so a grab a pen and paper and i begin on the diagnosis
and when i'm done i want them to hear it
so that they may catch the prescribed medication
don't be mistaken
i'm not a undercover drug dealer looking to sell you a quick fix
because when the dam breaks i would hide it
i care about all my patients and i want them to succeed
and something tells me that that might happen if they listen to me

My poems and me
like a sculptor with a sculpture of her depictions
an addict regularly fulfilling her addiction
Poems come like your fluctuating weather conditions,
Like a drug dealer’s recurring drug conviction
The messages and themes consume my brain like termites on wood
the rhymes come rushing to me like cops to distressed a white neighborhoods
how my poems come to me

I have to write like a neat freaks need to clean
pen to paper, once the ball’s rolling
i'm watching the stanzas engulf my paper rapidly
like fire in-a forest-full of trees-soaked in gasoline

when i read my poems i see a quick flash a memories
they’re like a snapshot of me then psychologically
in each and everyone there is a part of me
we’re closer than friends, we're like family
like a painter merely illustrating what she sees
how, my poems come to me

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