My Poisonous Words

Thu, 08/15/2013 - 19:56 -- aaron22


My Poisonous Words

When I’m silent, I do think,

Compose my thoughts before I speak,

Hide your heart behind a shield,

Protect you from the Words I wield.


Simple combinations of letters my mind does make

to spew ideas of “truth” for you take,

how so ever you do please,

as My Words spread like disease.

My Words.

Containing so much beauty and spite,

Even I fear they are not right.

Fabricating opinions in your own head,

With letters like needle and thread,

I stitch until you believe my falsities.

Heal your insecurities,

Damn my soul eternally.

My Poisonous Words spew venom that ease your crippling mental pains,

While lashing at my mind - causing me such mental strain,

That I crack. And so does that shield.

Losing control, my "truth" becomes real,

Stabbing, slashing like sharpened steel.

You see me for what I want to be-

Open, unfiltered, with pure honesty.

You yearn for my believable lies,

Those false words that I despise.

But there are none.

My Words Have Won.

My Poisonous Words.



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