My Ride of 2016

2016 went by in the blink of an eye.

I started it 17 but ended it 18 and shy.

No one warns you what a new era brings,

Just like no one warns you how quick adulthood rings.


So much happened in 366 days.

My world changed in so many ways.

From politics, family, friends, and college majors,

I learned so much about the life I wager.


I became actively engaged in politics and the election,

And as the candidate of the GOP was finalized I was gleeful of the selection.

I found my right place on the political scope,

And realized how much one's walk of life influences one's beliefs and hope.


I stayed up 'till 2:30am as I watched the election results come in,

And could not be more proud when in walked President-Elect Trump and his kin.

As his cabinet picks rolled in,

I could visualize cleansing in D.C. from the sin.


I witnessed the world become more divided,

As even my closest friends and I on politics and beliefs collided.

But I also learned that through love, compromise, understanding and compassion

A nation once again could be united in action.


I was reunited with all my family for Christmas,

And could not help but think how much I missed this-

Time with family is prescious to the heart,

And 4 years is too long for 7 siblings to be apart.


I became aware of the dishonesty in society,

As even "friends" lied to me which caused anxiety.

But I also was blessed with honest and true friends,

Who's personalities with mine in harmony blends.


I came to know which friends were short-term,

And which friends would for the long-ride stay firm.

Some amazing friends became sisters and brothers to me,

And one come fall is set to be my college roomie.


Oh, yes- college. How could I forget to mention

What for the last 6 months has captured my attention.

Applications were sent in and acceptance letters recieved.

And, with deciding on Engineering for my major I was relieved.


But, there's still one thing on my mind-

Scholarships can I find?

If so, will I recive them?

If so, they to me would be worth more than the rarest gem.


So I reflect on my past year-

Endless komework that has been a pain in the rear,

Growing up and setting up a bright life,

And of course a little fun to relax my brain that's sharp like a knife.



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