To My Sister

Oh my darling,
What the world has thrown you
What mother nature has cursed to you
How your beautiful mind has turned on you
For it is a rose flourishing in an endless supply of knowledge
Everyone could see its beauty
Desired by the universe
A selfish storm raged inside you
Invisible to the naked eye
Oh my darling,
She sent tornados
To bury sharp thorns into your flesh
To suck your vibrant petals into her vortex
Making you dizzy, blind with pain
But on the darkest hour of your blackest night
As you reached for your white flag
You took one more look at your broken flower
The stem stripped and weak
Unable to support the bare bloom
Hope numbed your pain
An ocean of peace replenished your veins
Be still
Beautiful mind
It’s almost over. 


This poem is about: 
My family
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