My Song of Innocence and of Experience


Song of Innocence
They give me smiles, so I smile
They give me love, so I love
They tell me I’m beautiful, and so I am beautiful
They sing me songs of hope, and so I have hope
My years have been good to me
Young and tender years brush by like a caress to my face
A few years gone yet only a little gained
I hold many anticipations and leave to dance in the rain
Song of Experience
They throw me sneers, and so my smiles are grimace
They give me hate, and so I live with my hate
They misconstrue me, and so I have no friends
The years have changed me, I am not the same girl
I’ve sailed on life like a canoe through forever changing waters
I get knocked back in forth but I learn to keep steady
The waters reflection show me myself
I am amazed at myself, my love, my strength my dreams
Deeper into dangerous rivers, flipped over by failures and drowned by fears
Deeper into the rapid waters, I learn water is not everything
Instead I find parts of myself never dreamed by me
The years have shown me life has inevitable pain
More years come and pass, and even more of myself to gain
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