My Star Crossed Lover

Tue, 07/15/2014 - 20:16 -- mpobl

Night for dreaming.

Day for living.

Day and night teaming.

However, dreaming at night seems misgiving.


At night, thoughts come wondering like I am lost.

Like thinking of you is a crime.

Call us lovers, star crossed.

Night, is where I feel insecure.


The weather is cold but the thought of you is warm.

I walk the night streets, you the detour.

You I follow, through it all, the storm.


You are the light, the guide.

Lead me to the day where we live.

Let the negative darkness subside.

Come to day where we can thrive.


Let's hold hands, combine.

Leave night behind.

Day offers light for us to shine.

I am relieved that in the dark, you are the one I find.


I feel so blessed.

You help me recover.

Being with you, I can not protest,

You are my star crossed lover.


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