My Teacher Became My Angel

Poopy diapers and rolling overs

The piggly wiggly’s and ogar toes;

Crawling to stumbling and walking shortly

Then eating sand while tumbling in the waves…

Learning to talk, read, and write

To coloring, drawing, and creating.

Soon came new teachers

New people, new friends;

Years after years,

Promises slowly broken.

I drifted more and more

Yet you never swayed;

You didn’t take a step,

Not a shimmy or a thought away.

Soon it hit me,

I better run your way;

But before I recovered you

You left me standing here to pray.

Pray for your soul, your heart, your mind

I hope you found peace and a place to stay;

I don’t know where you might be

I hope not too far.

I need you here, right now, and forever

You were my Teacher, you're now my Angel

I know you’ll never leave my side. 


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