My voice , the reason I write

                    Why do I right? Because no one else wants to hear me

I write because I have a voice a talent that no one knew I had

 I am what you call the voice of the next generation, my voice and my words are used for knowledge and insightful       thoughts.


 Although I might not have said anything then when I was abused and tortured I am still here! I’m still here regardless of your words and you and your actions I am still standing! I am still strong!

 My voice is what kept me taught me guided me through the hassles and struggles of society

My lack of love and respect from others has taught me to have a voice and speak up for myself


The self-esteem that burns in my flesh motivates me to become an advocate for children and teach them to have a voice

So that they will speak up for themselves and never be afraid to voice their opinion


My voice will help me prosper and speak up for I believe

The words that cross my lips is easier to write down on paper to express

 Paper is like my muse to as a helpless baby to its nourishment


Why do I write you ask?

I write because it’s my self-assurance supporter

My voice is an encouragement to others to remind them to have the ambition to speak their mind.





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