My writing is my life


My home
Endora Rd
United States
41° 32' 54.5532" N, 81° 33' 28.674" W

When i write it gives me an escape

From all of my trials and tribulations

My writings take me to a special place


I started writing because my feelings always seemed to get in the way 

Of my life and what i was trying to do 

My family started looking at me in a different way


So i wrote......


I wrote about being a black girl 

Afraid to face the world 

Because of her skin color and her and her tightly wound curls


I wrote about being adopted to a family

who didnt accept me for who i was

and all i wanted to be


I began to write because i had no real childhood

Being forced to stay in the house 

Even when I was good


 I began to write because i didnt have the guts to tell

About the abuse i went through

Eventhough it was hell


Now Everything has changed.....


I continue to write because I have a life now

Fom having two jobs to being about to graduate

I now look at my life like  wow


I will write in the future because i will have so much to tell

About my long journey through life 

And my Escape from Hell




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