In the face of this material world,

I stand tall and strong and unmoving, swift

To fight allurement to conform. I’m hurled


Into the temptation to adhere, shift.

To hate oneself. I stand tall, stubborn, hailed,

And am completely myself. A gift.


Advertisements molded to make those ailed

Women hate themselves. Can’t we coexist?

Clothing lines made to make us ache and crave


For reshaping. Constant banter, resist!

Condescension, advice on how to change,

To become more “ladylike” - oh, desist! -


More “tolerable”. How vile, deranged.

It does me no harm. I stand with a fist

Against the disapproving gaze, unchanged.


I am a warrior, and I exist

Undefeatable and unchangeable.

For I am completely myself, no tryst.


It’s rebellion: stand against fatal

Standards, hate, against the unending strife.

I rebel by living, never hateful.


I love myself.



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