naked soul

if i wanted to punch you in your eye right now, better believe i will because i wont hold shit back.


Yesterday, it was a full moon &felt the sudden urge to flash my sized "B" tits to the wide open sky, and the second the thought came into my head i was already opening the window.

If somebody would have seen me, i would have never known, but now that i look back its not like i would have cared.


If one day i wake up and, i feel like Ive grown tired of this world and, its restless games....ill put a knife to my throat right then.

Not like it'll matter, ill be dead.


As of right now, I'm a very hairy person.

I haven't shaved anything in 3weeks, &if you think that i give 2fucks about you thinking that's highly disgusting, please take note in the fact that your ignorance is very much the same amount of disgusting to me.


I had a best friend once and, she was literally the girl of my dreams, Beautiful brown hair that never seemed to be combed right, big bright eyes, and, her smile....her smile was just perfect.

Ill admit i was kinda jealous 

We held hands throughout every class switch, kissed on the porch of our back yards, watched amazing porn together, yell at amazingly hot guys at the mall...I'm starting to think we were in love. Now that, if i could find that again, id be complete.


"Everyday i look in the mirror and, i see the tiny gap between my teeth, my overly large eyes, the love handles that convince me I'm fat day after day."

If you want to know whats my outlook on myself there it is.




This is good work. I like it a lot, despite the pain that you must be feeling. I'm here if you ever want to talk :) have a nice day.

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