Nature's Fire

The combination of heat, oxygen and fuel,

Is all it took for fire to ruin:

The fires would decimate the fragile wilderness,

Until the forests cease to exist,

Leaving it to a space made from nothingness.

A rebirth that scarred others, changed others.

A fresh vibrant color created within the cinders and ashes and embers.

Time and the glistening inferno will mark their beauty,

A scar for a long time,

Long-lasting and deep,

Shallow and shear,

It’s nothingness yet it’s feared,

But nature will get back on its feet.

It’s everything but dead.

Trees of nether, taller than ever will soar.

Rising from beneath and excelling at speed,

Root by root it will recover.

There is no exception to be made,

We must be like it.

The nature that is.


This poem is about: 
My family
My country
Our world
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