Need gets confused with want

You ask me about it, and I can’t respond

For need changes in time

I can’t say more than I’m inclined


Is love a need?

Would I go begging on my knees?

Die because it was not given to me?

Or walk without it with grace, smiling?


Are dreams really needs?

The hope I’ll find a way to exceed

My own expectations and others?

Or will I never know its discomforts?


The truth is, I can’t answer the question

I can’t figure it out, no matter how many suggestions


All I need is what I have now

The ability to live as long as God allows


The love I see in my mother’s eyes

The boy who’s love I can’t deny

To not be stuck in a pile of grief

Yes, that is all I need


To have friends that wear our necklaces

That accept me and all my recklessness

To learn something from whomever I meet

Yes, this is all I need

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