Neighbors From Outside

To cross the borders of hell,

a rigorous flight of stairs,

one can only tell,

how happy you are to be here.


I honor you for your strength,

to reach the corner's of hell's end,

to reach a new beginning,

and to find life's meaning.


Although, you're a stranger from outside,

your courage made me leave my mind,

and search for emotions I could not find,

back when my thoughts had only gold and wine.


My friend, I welcome you with all my heart,

but I feel, too, that my world will fall apart.

Forgive me for I cannot give you the world you desire. 

A world void of emptiness and barbed wires.


All I can do now is give you company,

in this journey towards another misery.

But hopefully, one day we can be happy,

when time is lost and the love is once again free. 


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world