never again

Pain is an everyday thing. I wonder if it ever stops . When ever its not you its someone else.cant I just ever stop having pity on my this what it comes to me asking you never to leave.these are the times lives are confiscated , when relationship are being strangled to the last breath. I realize I am a nice guy but what I do goes beyond the sky, I can't breath Because the stench of my sin was provoking a regurgitation of things of the past. This is where you walk in and its under a mask ,hiding the face of the real culprit. Me. I expect u to take the disrespect that is used to bring you down. And now that im in despair I realize how I was searching for the one key,something that id never see,and up until now would have never found Because the compound that make up this relationship: love and trust. I usually am combusting with energy and love but like blocked oxygen with out your love my brain can't function without the essence that is your breath.breathing hard as we get my brain going.And then I turn around and do it again to u my lover and best friend. Stuck between a rock and you im where I want to be ..because if I was anywhere else it wouldn't matter Because ...well I would be to dead for my brain.MYSELF  


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