The Never Ending

We live in a never ending world;

A world of never ending lies.

We dwell in a land of never-ending joy;

Outweighed by never ending sorrow.

We hide in our own never ending place;

A place of never ending fear and desolation.

We overlook the never ending support from our family and peers;

Only to gaze upon the neverending pressure and pain in our life.

We are a never ending people;

Only to end our own lives.

We are a country of never ending freedom;

And yet we can’t be ourselves?

We are surpassed by the neverending terror of doing something different;

Only to mock those who do with never ending injurious words.

And yet all of us long to be free of this never ending burden;

Only to close our eyes to the neverending ways that we can.

We are administered by others in a never ending rule;

Why so afraid to break free from the neverending torment?

We are aggrieved by the neverending insults hurled at us daily;

Only to give the never ending encumbrance to another?

We ask never endingly;

“why me?”

And neglect to endeavor to fix this seemingly  never ending complication.

We speculate about being at liberty with these never ending suicidal notion;

When you close of all ties to those who can alleviate the neverending  strife which troubles your existence?

We fantasize on how our apparent never ending being would be if

It were to expire.

We conceal ourselves from the neverending outside world;

Afraid of getting hurt.

We lock ourselves up,

In a never ending void of self-disapproval;

Only to think that we are surrounded by never ending appraisal.

When all we need to see,

Is the never ending bliss,

Waiting for us in the never ending

World of the moment.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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